Monday, 12 September 2011

Temporary Home

  My sisters are wonderful. Both invited me to stay with them. Since Gus, my huge, part wolf dog, attacked sister #1's dog, I opted to stay with sister #2. My menagerie joined her menagerie of 4 little Shitzus. Shitzu's live up to their name. They are not real dogs like mine is, they're little sh--s. They decided if they each attacked one of Gus's legs they could take him. Since he could swallow one whole we had to be pretty vigilant. I also discovered that my cats could scale my body and sit on my head when chased by one of the little darlings. I love you sister #2 but I'll never own a Shitzu.
  Not only was I welcomed with open arms, fed like a queen, entertained and treated like a visiting dignitary, my sister had redone the room in my favourite colour. She even had glittering butterflies scattered on the wall above my bed. There was a bowl of my favourite chocolates. I couldn't have been more welcomed. I wish all of you sisters like mine.
  I've met a few widows since I became one. A few have chosen to move in with family, some of them even selling their homes to do this. Living alone is just too lonely and even painful for some. I was so welcomed into my sister's family but it wasn't my family and it wasn't my home. I had a strange longing for my own home even though it wasn't built yet and even though I knew I would be alone. For heaven's sake, I even missed my STUFF after being in such a hurry to get rid of so much of it. Perhaps I was beginning to heal and the survivor in me was ready to begin again.
  Being in the cocoon of my sister's love helped prepare me for emerging as the glitterfly that I am meant to be. It was safe there, but something is beckoning me on.

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  1. Thanks for sending me a reply. You are a lucky lady to have such wonderful sisters. I don’t have any, and I don’t have anyone from my family here in this country. I think you are right – your own stuff is important. With all the various pet, you will have plenty of company.