Wednesday, 24 August 2011


My new house wouldn’t be ready for a month or two and my present house had closed. I had many offers and decided to stay with my youngest sister. She would take me and my animals, bless her heart. Shortly after the COWS left, I crammed my jeep with precious items: my husband’s ashes, my 140 pound dog, two snarling cats, my best scissors, my sharpest knife, important papers and far too many clothes. I gave my birds to my daughter, (it was bad enough traveling with the animals I had.) I went from room to room saying goodbye to the memories. I cried in the den where I held my dying husband in my arms. Somehow I knew that this was the right thing to do for me.
I drove away, feeling a little bit like a gypsy. It was a little scary but also freeing to be leaving everything behind me. It was a four hour journey with a couple of dog stops and I felt the beginning heartbeat of a new adventure.


  1. Definitely a new adventure! And we all need a new adventure from time to time. So much better than sitting at home and withering away just because life isn't quite as comfortable and familiar as it used to be. I think you're marvellous.... you have so much energy and determination to enjoy your new life in spite of whatever setbacks occur. Just remember to be careful on the stairs!!!!!

  2. Okay Birthday Girl.... time for another blog post!

  3. I came from Shammickite’s blog after looking at the beautiful bear cake you made. I read all your entries and admire your spirit. It is good that you have friends – we do not have hardly any where we live and I was afraid to retire and never meeting a friend. I retired and never meet a friend but with my blog I have made many virtual friends and it has been wonderful. I hope you will enjoy your blog.