Monday, 22 August 2011

The Cows

The house was  ready for sale. It was empowering to de-clutter, clean, paint and repair things. I had a moment of sheer pleasure using oil paint on the front door. It was creamy and thick and flowed beautifully. I looked around for something else to paint. At some point in my painting, I lit a candle in the living room and dining room to diffuse smells. The candle was faulty, covered the rooms in black soot and creepy cobwebs. People were due to look at the house in 30 minutes.
Remember I said I was resilient?
I called the insurance company. They took away my furniture and stuff and totally cleaned the rooms. The people bought the house and chose their own paint colour (insurance company had it painted too.) Since the room was empty and all the furniture was in storage to be cleaned, I was able to rent little tables and host a small wedding reception for a family member. (If the Lord gives you lemons...make lemonade.)
Now the cows. I wanted to save money at this point and decided I would pack and move myself. This involved the use of C.O.W.S. Containers On wheels. These are huge, box-car like things that are of course painted to look like cows. Big, black and white cows with faces, udders, the whole bit.  Men, (wranglers or cowboys) pulled them up and left them in my driveway for me to fill. I had a whole herd. Do you know how many jokes and puns you can make up about cows in your driveway? Filling them up with all my possessions and watching them pull away, I felt like a pioneer about to go west in a covered wagon or maybe the last round-up. Goodbye cows.


  1. OMG - I wouldn't have believed it if it hadn't come from you! Cow containers in your driveway? LOL!!

    Yes, you are resilient. I would have cried seeing all that soot in my just-painted living room!

  2. That was certainly an eventful time in your life.... the candle smoke incident, the insurance, the decluttering, the C.O.W.s, the dog, the cats, the birds, move number 1 on one direction and then move number 2 in the other direction.... looking back, do you ever wonder how your survived it all without losing your mind?